When is the “Best” Time to Buy Farm Diesel?

Years ago, at a county production meeting with growers, I was asked by a producer: “When is the best time of year to buy farm diesel?” In other words, he wanted to know if there is any seasonality to farm diesel fuel prices.

Seasonality of prices occurs when there is a time (season) of the year when prices are high or low compared to the annual average price. We typically see seasonality of prices in crops, fruits and vegetables, and some cuts of meat (steaks). An example of seasonality here in Georgia, the price of watermelons tends to be lower during the summer months when local melons are harvested and sold throughout the region. However, during winter months (or Georgia’s off-season for watermelons), prices are higher because there are fewer for sale, and grocers have to source them from other parts of the country or world. READ MORE.