UGA Cotton Team Newsletter – April 2022

Articles in this month’s issue include:

  1. The Importance of Preplant Fertilizer – Don’t Delay or Cut Out N, P, or K (Glen Harris)
  2. A Pre-Season Checklist for Diseases and Nematodes of Cotton (Bob Kemerait)
  3. Weather and Climate Outlook for April 2021 (Pam Knox)
  4. Thrips Management: Use An At-Plant Insecticide (Phillip Roberts)
  5. Irrigation System Prep and Early Season Water Requirements for Cotton Production (Wesley Porter, David Hall, Jason Mallard)
  6. Pesticide Drift Complaints Decline While Dicamba Technology Adoption Has Increased (Stanley Culpepper)
  7. Planter Preparation (Simer Virk and Wesley Porter)
  8. Planting Date Selection, Germination and Emergence in Cotton (John Snider, Gurpreet Virk, Ved Parkash, and Camp Hand)
  9. Control The Things You Can Control – Seeding Rates (Camp Hand)
  10. Make Good Management Decisions or PPO Resistance in Palmer amaranth Could Spread Rapidly! (Stanley Culpepper and Taylor Randell)
  11. Silverleaf Whitefly Update (Phillip Roberts)