Time Running Out on a New Farm Bill This Year

In previous updates, we have talked about the likelihood of Congress passing a new farm bill “on time” which means by September 30th of this year.  Through the middle of July, neither the House nor the Senate agriculture committee leadership have released their farm bill drafts.  If they don’t release their drafts next week, it appears that this will likely happen during the August recess or when they return in September.

Looking at the calendars for both the House and Senate indicates the Senate is in session 17 days in September and the House is in session 12 days.  While we are certain getting the entire farm bill completed by September 30th would be welcomed by House and Senate agriculture committee members and staff, we feel that a more realistic goal would be to have bill completed before the members leave for the Christmas holidays.  The Senate is in session 44 days from October to December, while the House is in session 24 days during that period. [READ MORE]

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