Nominations for the 2023 Georgia Quality Cotton Awards are now open. The purpose of the awards is to recognize producers and ginners of high-quality cotton fiber and to identify their general management practices for the benefit of other growers.

  • If you have a cotton gin(s) in your county, please contact the gin(s), give the gin the attached nomination information, and encourage them to participate.
  • If you have cotton production in your county, but there is no gin in your county, feel free to contact the gin(s) that your farmers typically do business with. Don’t assume that they will get the information from someone else. Pass along the attached information and encourage them to participate.
  • If you are covering for a vacant county agent position in a neighboring county or you know a neighboring county is without an ANR agent, please get this information to any gins in that county.

The participating gin will identify the nominees from that gin and then contact the county agent in the county where the majority of the producers’ cotton is grown. That county agent will then assist in providing the information needed and submitting the nomination.

Click to View More Info about the Awards  •  Click to Download the Nomination Form

The nomination information and forms will also be available online at the UGA Cotton web page:

Nominations are due February 16, 2024

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