Newsletter – August 2021

Articles in this month’s issue include:

1. Managing Target Spot and Areolate Mildew (Bob Kemerait)
2. How to Fertilize Drowned Out Cotton (Glen Harris)
3. Cotton Irrigation Considerations for August (Wes Porter and David Hall)
4. Cotton response to excessive rain, cloudy days, and management strategies (Camp Hand and John Snider)
5. Causes of fruit shed (John Snider, Camp Hand, Gurpreet Virk)
6. Weather and Climate Outlook for August and Beyond (Pam Knox)
7. As the rally in cotton prices rolls on, signs of caution grow about the road ahead (Serrina Liu)
8. Stinkbug Management (Phillip Roberts)

Managing Target Spot and Areolate Mildew (Bob Kemerait): Target spot (Corynespora cassiicola) and areolate mildew (Ramulariopsis gossyppii) are the two most important diseases affecting cotton in Georgia later in the growing season. For both target spot and areolate mildew, judicious use of fungicides not only protects the crop, but can increase yield profitability as well. Another disease, Stemphylium leaf spot, is often even more common than either target spot or areolae mildew in Georgia’s cotton crop. [READ MORE]