NCC: Vilsack Confirmation Positive for Agriculture

MEMPHIS – The National Cotton Council welcomed the Senate’s confirmation today of Tom Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture and congratulated him on serving in this role for a second time following his previous tenure from 2009 to 2017.

NCC Chairman Kent Fountain, a Georgia cotton producer and ginner, said, “Tom Vilsack has a good understanding of the challenges facing the agriculture sector and its contributions to the nation’s economy. The U.S. cotton industry has confidence that under his leadership, policies and programs will be advanced that will support production agriculture and enable American farmers to continue producing safe and affordable food and fiber.”

Following Vilsack’s nomination late last year, Fountain noted that the cotton industry had the opportunity to work closely with Secretary Vilsack during his previous eight-year tenure.

As the central organization for the U.S. cotton industry, the Memphis-based NCC serves as the unifying force in working with policymakers to ensure cotton’s interests are heard. The NCC’s mission is ensuring the industry’s seven segments’ ability to compete effectively and profitably in the raw cotton, oilseed and U.S.-manufactured product markets at home and abroad.