NCC Survey Suggests U.S. Producers to Plant 9.8 Million Acres of Cotton in 2024

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – U.S. cotton producers intend to plant 9.8 million cotton acres this spring, down 3.7 percent from 2023, according to the National Cotton Council’s 43rd Annual Early Season Planting Intentions Survey. (see table attached)

Upland cotton intentions are 9.6 million acres, down 4.3 percent from 2023, while extra-long staple (ELS) intentions of 202,000 acres represent a 37.7 percent increase. The detailed survey results were announced today during the 2024 National Cotton Council Annual Meeting.

Dr. Jody Campiche, the NCC’s vice president, Economics & Policy Analysis, said, “Planted acreage is just one of the factors that will determine supplies of cotton and cottonseed. Ultimately, weather and agronomic conditions are among the factors that play a significant role in determining crop size.”

Using ten-year average abandonment rates along with a few state-level adjustments to account for current moisture conditions, Cotton Belt harvested area totals 8.1 million acres for 2024 with a U.S. abandonment rate of 17.9 percent. Using the five-year average yield for the Southeast and the Midsouth and the 10-year average yield for the Southwest and the West generates a cotton crop of 14.6 million bales, with 14.0 million upland bales and 538,000 ELS bales. [READ MORE]

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