July 2023 UGA Cotton Team Newsletter

Articles in this month’s issue include:

1. Replacing Nitrogen and Potassium after the June “Red Rains” (Glen Harris)
2. The Flowering Phase of Crop Development (John Snider, Camp Hand, and Josh Lee)
3. Calibrating Nitrogen Side-Dress Applicators (Simer Virk)
4. Pesticide Applications with Spray Drones (Simer Virk)
5. July Mid-Season Cotton Irrigation Considerations (Jason Mallard, David Hall, Phillip Edwards, Daniel Lyon, Hannah Grubbs, and Wesley Porter)
6. Tarnished Plant Bug Infestations Above Average (Phillip Roberts)
7. Cotton Aphid Management (Phillip Roberts) 8. Earliness and PGR Considerations for 2023 (Camp Hand)

Read the full Newsletter Here.

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