Cotton Crop Insurance: Regional Differences in Sales Closing Dates and Cancellation Dates

Navigating crop insurance for upland cotton can be complex, with various options and critical timelines. Our previous Southern Ag Today article discusses crop insurance policies available for upland cotton (Chong, Liu, and Biram, 2023). This article highlights essential dates for upland cotton producers to track to ensure effective management and protection of their investments.

Securing federal crop insurance coverage relies on adhering to critical timelines and dates associated with these policies. Keeping track of these important dates can be challenging for producers since different crops have different decision deadlines. Among the crucial dates, producers must carefully track the sales closing date and the cancellation date for effective management. The Sales Closing Date is the last date to apply for or change crop insurance coverage from the previous year. Producers are expected to decide by this date on the type of policy and the level of protection. The Cancellation Date is the last date for producers to inform the insurance company if they do not want to renew their crop insurance for next year. Otherwise, their insurance policy will automatically renew for another year. [READ MORE]

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