Newsletter – June 2021

Articles in this month’s issue include:

1. June Mid-Season Cotton Irrigation Update (David Hall and Wes Porter)
2. June Nematode and Disease Update (Bob Kemerait)
3. Spray Considerations (Simer Virk, Eric Prostko, and Wes Porter)
4. June expected to be wetter than normal; tropics quiet so far (Pam Knox)
5. Cotton Aphid Management (Phillip Roberts)
6. Agronomic Update (Camp Hand)

June Mid-Season Cotton Irrigation Update (David Hall and Wes Porter): The only thing for certain in farming is that there are no two years the same. May of 2021 brought us some very hot and dry weather. Some of these conditions put our crops at points of stress, especially in dryland or non-irrigated scenarios. Fortunately, the beginning of June has brought some rain across most of the state. A majority of these showers have come well-timed, and in appropriate amounts. Luckily, we have sporadic rainfall events predicted in the long-term forecast for most of June too. [READ MORE]